I’m bitter, beyond bitter. =))

*February 10, 2013*

I keep replaying the words that you said to me over and over in my head and they still hurt as much as the moment you said them. I repeat scenes from our past over and over again and they still evoke emotions as passionate as the day that they happened. I’m bitter, beyond bitter. You are mad at me, and I’m pissed as fuck at you.

Call me bitter, tell me to get over it because it’s all in the past but that all doesn’t matter because I’m still always gonna feel the way that I feel. Telling me that we can still be friends is like telling me that my dog died but I can still keep it.


I’m hurting, yo. I don’t want them to see me fall. But damn, I need some type of comfort from somebody. I don’t want pity or their sympathy. I want some compassion, I want somebody that will relate to me.

They say time heals all wounds but I feel like time ain’t moving for me cause damn, this shit is painful.

*February 11. 2013*

I’m pretty sure everyone has that certain somebody that they’re weak about. It doesn’t matter how badly that they hurt you, it’s easier to take them back – be with them than it is to just let go. It’s love, you tell yourself. You can have all the pride and strength in the world but it’s just that person that keeps you coming back.

And you have no fucking clue why it’s so hard to let go.


After a while, I began to miss you. I think about how it used to be, but then I slowly remember what happened. I remember what a horrible friend you were to me, when I was nothing but there for you when you needed me. I remember how much shit you talked behind my back and how you felt like you were better than everyone else by making them feel like assholes. You’re no one to judge me. And losing you was honestly a blessing in disguise.