This is a letter of appreciation. ;)

The greatest thing that you’ve done for me can’t be measured with materialistic items or extravagant gestures; no, not even close. It’s all that you’ve taught me, all the lessons that I’ve learned since we’ve been together. All patience and forgiveness that you’ve shown me when I made mistakes. The best ways to deal with people and situations, you’ve shown me. The encouragement and support that you’ve given me when it came to my goals and dreams.

Best of all, it’s just merely the love that you have for me. It’s not the overbearing and “let me show the world” kind of shit. It’s the supportive, understanding, patient, caring, low-key, love. Even so, it’s much more than that. I’ve never met a man that I’ve felt more happy and complete with. A person that doubled as my best friend and my love. A person that was like a mentor to me. A person that absolutely captured my entire heart. A person that understands me completely. A person that so opposite of me yet so similar. Call it crazy, call me crazy – but I know that this is real.

Thank you, baby! 😀


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