Regretful and resentful *February 10, 2013*

I’m mad at us. Both, you and myself. You for not staying around a bit longer and fighting for us. You for not loving me enough to want to stay around throughout everything that we were going through. You for wanting to move on.  You for giving up on four months of us, you for giving up on our future. I know it sounds so crazy, but we had plans. We’re both young, I know but we had fucking plans. 

We were gonna get our shit together, then move in together. We were gonna travel, together. We were gonna take road trips, together. We were gonna make it through, together. But you gave up on us, alone. I know I wasn’t always the easiest to love, but I wished you tried a little harder.

But I think at the end of the night, I’m just really pissed at myself. Because I was the one that did the crazy shit to drive you away. Because I was the one that made things hard on us. Because I was the one that didn’t have enough trust in you when you were the one keeping us together. 

I’ll do anything to have you back, I miss you. I miss us. 


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