I want to show you off to the world.

We don’t have to make out everywhere we go just so that we could make everyone in our atmosphere crave it so much that they start to lick their lips. Or hold hands just so all the single people can walk by and call us cute. We don’t need matching outfits so we could camera whore and get all these comments on Facebook. As cute as that may sound, we don’t have to do any of that. There is nothing we need to prove to anyone because I’m yours and you’re mine. Fuck all the standards of being a couple, let’s just be together. That’s all that really mattered anyway.

When I say that I want to show you off to the world, its not my intention to make everyone jealous. Its to make them believe that it is possible to find something special when you least expect it. A trust so strong that you don’t need pinky promises to define it since they just know not to tell your secrets. A connection so rare that they become your part time lover and full time friend. A relationship so special that they bring out the best in you. Let’s just be together and leave it at that.


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