You’re an asshole, but I love you. :D

You can be a complete asshole. We cuss at and fight with each other and we both have huge egos. You push me past my breaking point and you know the exact buttons to push to drive me insane. But at the end of the day, it’s you. It’s always going to be you. Nobody makes me feel the way that you do. Nobody before you has ever made me feel how you do. And I have this gut feeling that nobody after you will ever have this effect on me. 

The love that we have for each other, I can’t even attempt to give to another. You make me feel alive. I love you.



I can try and try to express my love and admiration for the man that I call my boyfriend, but I’ll never find the proper words to justify how wonderful he really is. I can honestly say that I’m always happy and satisfied with the person that I’m with and the person that I’ve become since meeting him. 

I’ve been told that at the age that I’m at, looking for the person that I want to spend my life is senseless and ridiculous, but I never looked; he just kind of fell into my life. I never expected for him to mean so much and be so much to me. 

I’m proud of the person that he is, every single aspect of him – flaws and all. And I’m even prouder to call myself his girlfriend. He gives me a certain confidence about myself that I’ve just recently discovered. 

This is a letter of appreciation. ;)

The greatest thing that you’ve done for me can’t be measured with materialistic items or extravagant gestures; no, not even close. It’s all that you’ve taught me, all the lessons that I’ve learned since we’ve been together. All patience and forgiveness that you’ve shown me when I made mistakes. The best ways to deal with people and situations, you’ve shown me. The encouragement and support that you’ve given me when it came to my goals and dreams.

Best of all, it’s just merely the love that you have for me. It’s not the overbearing and “let me show the world” kind of shit. It’s the supportive, understanding, patient, caring, low-key, love. Even so, it’s much more than that. I’ve never met a man that I’ve felt more happy and complete with. A person that doubled as my best friend and my love. A person that was like a mentor to me. A person that absolutely captured my entire heart. A person that understands me completely. A person that so opposite of me yet so similar. Call it crazy, call me crazy – but I know that this is real.

Thank you, baby! 😀


Just as confidence is a sexiest trait on a women; humility is equally, if not more, sexy than confidence. The ability to still stay humble while knowing how amazing you are is pretty damn great.  

When a person who doesn’t say anything about their skills but let their actions speak for themselves, it makes them a lot more likable. Because it’s embarrassing as hell for somebody who brags about their skills and doesn’t have the ability to back it up. 

Don’t talk out of your ass, stay down to Earth.  

I’m bitter, beyond bitter. =))

*February 10, 2013*

I keep replaying the words that you said to me over and over in my head and they still hurt as much as the moment you said them. I repeat scenes from our past over and over again and they still evoke emotions as passionate as the day that they happened. I’m bitter, beyond bitter. You are mad at me, and I’m pissed as fuck at you.

Call me bitter, tell me to get over it because it’s all in the past but that all doesn’t matter because I’m still always gonna feel the way that I feel. Telling me that we can still be friends is like telling me that my dog died but I can still keep it.


I’m hurting, yo. I don’t want them to see me fall. But damn, I need some type of comfort from somebody. I don’t want pity or their sympathy. I want some compassion, I want somebody that will relate to me.

They say time heals all wounds but I feel like time ain’t moving for me cause damn, this shit is painful.

*February 11. 2013*

I’m pretty sure everyone has that certain somebody that they’re weak about. It doesn’t matter how badly that they hurt you, it’s easier to take them back – be with them than it is to just let go. It’s love, you tell yourself. You can have all the pride and strength in the world but it’s just that person that keeps you coming back.

And you have no fucking clue why it’s so hard to let go.

Plain and simple, you make me happy.


Whether I’m having a bad day or feeling sick, you can turn my day around and make me smile and make me laugh. You’re not like a lot of the other guys I’ve met and I’m glad I was able to snatch you up before anyone else did. I know that we have our bad days too. We’ve definitely had out fair share of fights, both little ones and big ones, but no matter what, we were always able to get through it, because we both know that our relationship is a lot more important than our pride. We’re most certainly not perfect people, but together, I think we fit quite perfectly.

Regretful and resentful *February 10, 2013*

I’m mad at us. Both, you and myself. You for not staying around a bit longer and fighting for us. You for not loving me enough to want to stay around throughout everything that we were going through. You for wanting to move on.  You for giving up on four months of us, you for giving up on our future. I know it sounds so crazy, but we had plans. We’re both young, I know but we had fucking plans. 

We were gonna get our shit together, then move in together. We were gonna travel, together. We were gonna take road trips, together. We were gonna make it through, together. But you gave up on us, alone. I know I wasn’t always the easiest to love, but I wished you tried a little harder.

But I think at the end of the night, I’m just really pissed at myself. Because I was the one that did the crazy shit to drive you away. Because I was the one that made things hard on us. Because I was the one that didn’t have enough trust in you when you were the one keeping us together. 

I’ll do anything to have you back, I miss you. I miss us.