The fighting every now and then is inevitable in a relationship

for the most part, the random fights are over little things, but sometimes little things build up and then there are bigger problems that develop behind them. Misunderstandings will occur and a lot of wrong things will be said. No matter what is said during the fight or after anger, at some point it just doesn’t matter who’s wrong. After all the frustration and being pissed off is out of your system, there’s this moment that always hits the both of you. Continuing at that rate could cost you the relationship. And after both people have calmed down, eventually, you will both try to take the blame because losing that person over a fight just isn’t an option. After the anger is this realization, shortly followed by many apologies and sincere words that remind you why you’re together in the first place. After a fight, you realize that you love each other even more and that you’re able to get through it by rationally talking and compromising, figuring things out together.

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