In a relationship, you can’t just go and do whatever you want.

When you’re with someone, you really have to just think about all of your actions and choices, you need to think about how your significant other is going to feel based on those actions and choices. The extra cautiousness is just something that comes with choosing to be with someone because it’s not all about you anymore. You have to care about how they’re going to feel and always keep them in mind. Being this way doesn’t result in suffocation or feeling trapped. It’s about being considerate and reasonable. It’s about having trust in each other while not making the other person uncomfortable by taking advantage of their trust in you and pushing it as far as you can. Taking extra care in the choices you make is one of the most essential parts of a relationship. It’s give and it’s take, making sacrifices for each other but still keeping each other as well as yourselves happy.


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